Block Definition Properties

These properties are part of the Block Definition. This helps the system determine how to parse and initialize this block.

Name Type Default Value Description
format_version Specifies the version of the game this entity was made in. If the version is lower than the current version, any changes made to the entity in the vanilla version will be applied to it.

Code Example


  "format_version": "1.16.0",
  "minecraft:block": {
    "description": {
      "identifier": "design:lavenderstone"
    "components": {
      "minecraft:loot": "loot_tables/chests/simple_dungeon.json",
      "minecraft:destroy_time": 4.0,
      "minecraft:friction": 0.6,
      "minecraft:map_color": "#00ff00",
      "minecraft:flammable": {
        "flame_odds": 50,
        "burn_odds": 0
      "minecraft:block_light_emission": 1.0

Block Description Properties

Name Type Default Value Description
identifier String The identifier for this block. The name must include a namespace and must not use the Minecraft namespace unless overriding a Vanilla block.
is_experimental Boolean false If this block is experimental, it will only be registered if the world is marked as experimantal.
register_to_creative_menu Boolean false Whether or not to register this block to the creative inventory menu.


The amount of light this block will absorb.


The amount of light this block will emit in a range [0.0, 1.0].


Sets the destroy time property for the block. Greater numbers result in greater mining times.


Sets the explosion resistance for this block.


Describes the flammable properties for this block.

Name Type Default Value Description
burn_odds Integer 0 How likely the block will be destroyed by flames when on fire.
flame_odds Integer 0 How likely the block will catch flame when next to a fire.


Property describing the friction for this block. Friction effects an entities movements when it walks on the block.


The path of the loot table that this component will use when the block is destroyed.


A color represented as a hex value. This will be the color rendered to a map.